Modification of the existing support regime Plan for the Production of Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources for self-consumption

The Ministry of Energy, Trade and Commerce announces that with the Decision of the Council of Ministers, dated 07 May 2020, the following amendments have been made to the following Categories of "Electricity Production Plan from Renewable Energy Sources for self-consumption" (Plan):

1. CATEGORY A - Net-Metering

In this category, the offsetting of the production of a home photovoltaic system may include the consumption of electricity from thermal accumulators operating in the house. The methodology of this offset has been modified and will be applied as described in paragraph 4.3 of the Plan.

2. CATEGORY B - Net-Billing

In order to provide more options, mainly to domestic consumers, in terms of how to use the RES systems they install in their premises, the following modifications have been made to the Category:

  • Provide the possibility for home consumers to install RES systems in their homes within the category of net-billing.
  • Providing the ability to transfer existing photovoltaic systems from the Net-metering Category Category to the Net-billing Category Category.

3. In addition, it was decided to extend the application period for the above Categories until 30.07.2021, or until the maximum available capacity of each category is completed, or if it is decided differently by the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry.